Commission A Gift

Here’s the deal.

You need to get a gift for someone. That someone is a friend or family member and you’re going to spend about $100 them. You want that gift to have meaning and you want that gift to represent the relationship you have with that person. You want that person to keep the gift (i.e. no re-gift drawer), and you want them to smile and think of you whenever they see it.  I can help you.

This is what you should do.

Think of a moment that defines your relationship with that person, or that persons’ relationship with someone else. It the best day you had together or it’s a heartfelt meaningful moment. It’s an inside joke between the two of you. It’s how they met their significant other.

I am an artist, and I specialize in commemorating special moments. I am going to do an oil pastel drawing that captures the essence of that moment and your vision.  I am going to do a drawing for you in the style that you see throughout this website.

  • The drawing is going to be an unframed 4x4 oil pastel (unless otherwise specified)
  • Tell me what you want written on it (or give me enough info for me to help you make it funny or meaningful)
  • Pick the colors
  • Describe the scene
  • Describe the people gender, hair cut, build, age
  • Tell me when you need it by (I'm quick)

This is a collaboration between you and me and is going to be a lot of fun. changes might need to be made. I’m cool with that. I want to get you something that you are going to be proud and excited to give.


You can see details of the process in action below:

1.  Client wanted to illustrate a day when her an a friend got stranded in a canoe in shallow water while having these big orange vests on after deciding to boating on a whim

2.  Client wanted shallow water exaggerated, added preteen pushing boat

3.  Client wanted more rocks added and to see child's feet.

4.  Client wanted it to seem more like a stream than a lake so I added a riverbank  behind

Sure, you could do it yourself, but you’re not an artist and it’s going to look like you went the cheap route

 The cost is $110 but you just need to put half down ($55)  to get started

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Below are some ideas to help you start your thought process:

Commemorate a funny occurrence at a family outing or vacation

Commissions an inside joke between you and a friend
Give a wedding gift that says something about where the couple met.
A funny thing that happened to you at college
Something that shows how much your parents mean to you
A gift meant to inspire your child
Get caricatures of your family
Christmas card