Glad you found me!

My Name is Curt Miller and I am an artist that has lived in Pennsylvania my whole life.  I may have met you at an art festival during the summer.  I have been doing them for a little over ten years now. 

I used to do realistic paintings, but people never seemed to enjoy those, as much as they do the quirky little oil pastels with funny ideas written on them.  I have a lot more fun doing them myself. 

All of the ideas come directly from my own thoughts.  I have always looked at things a bit differently than most other people.  I trained myself to turn that different way of thinking into something funny when I did stand-up comedy.  I figure that I have done a thousand pieces over the years.

Art has been a constant friend for me over the years.  It has been there when I felt alone.  It has been there when the world is too much and I need to be alone.  It helped dig me out of debt, and it helped me connect with people when that hasn't always been easy.  Just viewing art, sometimes, is one of the few times I feel understood.

I hope you enjoy my work, and I hope that somehow it lets you know that you are not alone.  If you enjoy it, I hope that you consider supporting it by purchasing a piece for your wall, or as a gift someone else.  Please consider signing up to get regular email updates from me, or following me on your favorite social media.