Let's all Celebrate Curt-cation December 09 2015

At a time of year when much of the world has taken time out to reflect on the things that they are most thankful for, I, as per my nature, have gone in the opposite direction.  For the past ten years, during the week of thanksgiving, I have declared what has come to be known in our house as “Curt-cation” 

I got married later than in life than most people do.  Rather than leave a lot of children behind to fight for whatever resources might be left, it was my intention to leave behind a body of art work that would speak for me and let everyone in the future know what I was about.  Those plans were spoiled when I accidentally fell in love with my wife and had some children.  I also fell deeper into an abyss of responsibility and pragmatism, but let’s be honest, I was always in that

Curt-cation is a made up holiday, celebrated by me, and loathed by others, wherein I attempt to live what I refer to as “my ideal life”.  I leverage three days of vacation, from my work-a-day job into a full week dedicated to living life as a full time artist.   Everything I do is in the name of art and I come and go as I please.

As you can imagine, my wife is less than thrilled with “Curt-cation”.  She has to jostle a turkey and kids that are out of school on vacation, and I am nowhere to be found or depended upon.  That is for the other 51 weeks of the year.  No one ever said that creative types are easy to be around.  Quite the opposite. 

Rest assured, however that Karma, as always is always right around the corner waiting to kick you in the pants, since Curt-cation has never really gone off without a hitch.  It’s seems that every year, there is something that rains on my parade, whether it be out of town guest disguised as family members who stay at the house when they visit, or family who decides that November is a more economical month to get married than June, or even the landlord of my studio (who happens to be my father) decides that this is the week he is going to put a new roof on the building.