Most popular piece this year September 17 2015

Every year there is one piece that rises to the top in terms of popularity.  This piece was by far the most popular in my tent in 2015.  I am in the process of listing all of my new pieces on the Website from this year.  I will be listing a different one each day until all of the new ones are up.  

I wait until after the festivals are over to list them for several reason.  The first is because I am just too busy to do it in the spring when I am getting ready.  If I wait to list them I have a pretty good idea of which ones people like the most.  Also it give you a reason to stop by and see me when the Art festival comes to your town.

Up until now, the best place to see my new work, before the festivals come around, has been on Instagram.  Moving forward I am going to be listing my new work on my Patreon account.  Patreon allows you to sponsor me at different levels and be a true Patron of the arts.  I get to have somewhat of a consistent income, and in return, you get to see my work first, or a free print, or I will do an original piece of art for you.  I'll be posting more about this later, but you can click on the link and get more info if you like.