FAQ June 10 2014

These are the questions I am most often asked when I am at the different art festivals:

What is my process?
My work is created using oil pastel which is a sort of waxy crayon. I put a layer of a light color down first and then a darker color over it. I use a stylus with a round metal ball on the end to cut into the darker color which reveals the lighter color and impresses some of the darker color at the same time. The technique is called Sgraffito (which, I am told, is Italian for scratch). If I do the “scratching” in one direction, it gives the piece a woodcut effect

Are they all my ideas?
Yes. I pride myself on that. When I first started doing this, there may have been a few that borrowed from common phrases that we are all familiar with, but I don’t promote those. I often hear or see ideas that I wish I would have thought of. I collect those for a possible later project but they will not be billed as being my own original thoughts.

Where do the ideas come from?
It’s hard to say. If I specifically sat down and tried to think of them, I’m not sure anything would come. They mostly come to me as I am driving or listening to talk radio or in conversations with people. My mind latches on to a notion and then takes some empirical leaps and bounds to arrive at something absurd or that most people experience in their daily lives, but haven’t taken the time to think about

You must be a fun guy to hang out with?
No. In fact it is quite the opposite. I am more likely to be quiet and I can be rather dull to be around. At least until you get to know me or I become more comfortable around you. There are funny people who pull things from the moment. I have to take the moment and digest it fully. Only then do the gems appear to me.

How did you get started?
I have always done art. I find that it relaxes me and is easier than being around people. It has been a constant friend and has helped me out of a lot of situations including some debt that I had amassed in my younger days. I started doing stand-up comedy after a rough break up with a girl who was doing stand-up (but wasn’t very good at it) I had a moderate amount of success with that but decided that I couldn’t handle the rare circumstance when I “bombed”. After I quit doing stand-up, the ideas kept coming and eventually just merged with the art.

Do images or ideas come first?
Typically the Ideas come first. I carry a recorder around so that I won’t forget them. Later, when I go over the recordings, only about one in ten ideas is worth doing anything with. I then assign an almost arbitrary image.

Which one is my favorite?
“Bob had a small head”. It’s the one that stared all of this

Do I do this full Time?
No I have a day job in sales, which, believe it or not, probably contributes more to the success of my art than anything

What is the clothespin Referee?
Another time my friend…another time