Take me on vacation May 07 2014

1.Contact me about sending you a clothespin Referee "action figure" (or make your own based on the included image)

2. Take a picture with the Clothespin Referee in front of something on your vacation.

3. Post it on Instagram @clothespinref or send it to me at curt@clothespinreferee.com so that I can post it on my Facebook page or other clothespinreferee related media.


The best image sent to me by the end of Summer Sept 21, 2014, wins a custom 4x4 oil pastel in the Clothespinref Style. You can commission an inside joke or have a caricature done. Whatever your imagination can fit into a 4x4 space. Just a hint, If you take the clothespin referee to Machu Picchu or Mt Hua you automatically win